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Child Murdered By Their Father Following HUGE Divorce Error

A seven-year-old girl was murdered by her estranged dad after a lawyer accidentally sent him the address of the safe house where she was living.

Yasser Alromisse gunned down his daughter Mary Slipstone on her doorstep as she stood next to her mother, Lyndsey.

The UK newspaper The Sun reported that the two had moved from their home in the seaside town of Brighton to a safe house in East Sussex, but Alromisse, 46 had managed to track them down.

He killed Mary on September 11, 2014.

A case review of the order found that her Egyptian-born father had been given the secret address in divorce papers just months earlier.

Police didn’t follow up with Lyndsey Slipstone after she alerted them that hey may know the address.

According to the report, her call was passed on to the wrong police team, and the offers ended up doing nothing.

However, the investigation into the murder found that there was no way they could prove Alromisse had seen the papers.

The report states ‘’ “It has not been possible to establish exactly when and how he found out where Child P was living.

“There is no evidence that any professional was aware of this activity, nor did he make any threat to harm Child P or give any indication that he might do so.

“The review has concluded that no professional working with the family could have prevented him acting as he did.”

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