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By The Time You’re 35, Huntsman Spiders Have Crawled On You

It’s summer in Australia - and you know what that means? SPIDERS.

Though we know in our heads they PROBABLY are more scared of us than we are of them, it doesn’t make it any less of a shock when you open your boot to find a HUGE one perching inside your car.

Cue spine tingles.

Well, a spider expert has brought the fear into your bedroom, literally, by exposing the fact that by the time you’re 35, SEVERAL huntsman spiders have crawled across your face as you sleep.


“It’s very likely that someone may have had prey caught on their face by a huntsman.

Bushy eyebrows are the perfect hunting ground for a spider,” Michael Tate, known as ‘Ranger Mick’ from the Australian Reptile Park on the NSW Central Coast.

The fact is, “By the time you’re 35 years old, and if you’re living in Sydney, several huntsmen will have walked across your face during your sleep,“ he says.

“Huntsmen can walk across you and you wouldn’t know,” Ranger Mick added.

However, we’re advised not to get rid of them when we find them in our homes, as they have some pretty amazing benefits.

“If you can cope with them, they are actually an asset in your home, and beneficial for taking care of the environment,” Ranger Mick said.

“They can eat quite large food items so they can tackle a cockroach. “If you’re going to have a spider running around the house, make it a harmless huntsman.

“But they have very long legs, so they are able to jump.”



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