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Two-Timer Accidentally Adds All His GFs To A Group Chat

We're all for technological advances, but the slicker and more intelligent our smartphones get, the more complicated the consequences can be.

No-one knows this better, of course, than Gerald Kitching, a 40-year-old Tinder user who was trying to give his address book a good spring clean by deleting some of the women he had been trying to "woo".

Except, instead of deleting the some-250 ladies from his phone, Kitching somehow managed to add them all to the same group chat.

Ooft. Awkward.

As soon as he realised, Kitching did what any self-respecting wannabe lothario would do and immediately left the group, but, thanks to a friend who had also been added to the chat, soon found out that his ex-girlfriends were having quite a good time "roasting" him.


According to The Sun, the girls settled in to mock Kitching's "self-obsessed" and "creepy" behaviour, realising that he had been sexting and sending photos of his penis to each of them. 

He also, apparently, had pretending to be a sex therapist, using his "job" as an excuse to ask probing and personal questions of his intended conquests.


One woman revealed that: "He was asking for some very personal details and the thing that really put me off was that he sent me a c*** shot.

"He then got very cross with me when I wouldn't reciprocate which resulted in him being quite abusive and argumentative.

"The WhatsApp group was very funny but totally shocking.

"These dating apps allow people to behave like this with no comeback. This group has allowed a comeback and it's been a bit like a therapy session for all of us."

Astonishingly, the women in the group are believed to be only a fraction of Kitching's contacts; the 256 names who had been added all began with the letters J, K and L.

Which, considering only ONE WOMAN admitted to falling for his charms last night, shouldn't be that surprising...

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