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Brazen New Scam Targeting Tourists In Europe

Let's face it, if you're a tourist then you've got to be careful, because in some countries more than others, you can easily fall victim to a scam.

We're not talking about paying too much for an artwork in Thailand, or being given the menu with the tourist prices instead of the local prices, we're talking legit criminal activity targeting tourists, stripping you of your well-earned holiday money.

Now, two vigilante's by the names of Janek and Honza are tackling criminal activity aimed at tourists in Prague, head on. The pair run a Facebook page called 'Honest Prague Guide' and have recently highlighted the major problem of exchanging money on the street.

In the video at top, Janek can be seen confronting criminals on the street in Prague who are exchanging tourists Euros for a worthless and outdated foreign currency, Belarusian rubles, not the legitimate currency, Czech koruna.

During filming they even encounter tourists who had been scammed coming back to the criminals to try and get their money back.

Watch at top, and help spread the word to anyone who may be travelling Europe, to stop them from "stealing money from tourist and ruining our city," as Janek and Honza describe it.

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