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Boyfriend's Apology For Coming Home Drunk Is Kinda Epic

So, you promise to stay in with your partner but it’s your mate’s birthday and you take an unscheduled detour and end up three sheets to the wind.

Hey it happens, just ask 18-year-old Kieron Cameron.

After rocking up to his friend’s party in the afternoon, Kieron promptly forgot that he had made plans to ‘stay in’ with his 16-year-old girlfriend, Jodie Duncan.

A well-sauced Kieron clearly felt bad about it, so he messaged her. But he didn’t stop at texting and an attempted phone call.

He messaged her ‘R u angry at me’ on every social media platform possible.


Including a gift voucher containing the same message.


Jodie tweeted what happened and, with 28,000 retweets, the internet loved it - and loved Kieron...

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