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Boy, 5 Has Boiling Water Spilt On His Leg On Domestic Flight

A young boy has allegedly received burns to his leg after accidentally having boiling hot water spilled on him during a domestic flight.

Five year old Matthew Gibson, had a cup of hot noodles spilled onto him during a flight from Brisbane to Perth on August 10.

His mother claims a flight attendant spilt the liquid on young Matthew and then failed to provide adequate first aid, however Virgin Australia have strongly denied these claims to Daily Mail Australia.

They say that their crew are trained to not apply gel immediately on burns and that all their flights carry child pain relief on-board.

Matthew's mum Jasmine Davis told Nine News that the flight crew did not check Matthew's burns with a light for 30 minutes, instead pouring cold water on his leg.

'Nothing was hitting where it was burnt underneath, so he's screaming,'

'I'm still shocked that they said I could give him half of an adult aspirin, because I was in such a bad state of mind, trying to soothe my mind, I actually considered it for a second. I didn't do it, because I was like, 'no he'll have a heart attack',' Ms Davis said.

Virgin Australia told Daily Mail that:

'Our crew immediately responded to this incident in line with their medical training and our standard safety procedures. We have contacted the guest's family to offer support and provide assistance.'

The airline have offered the family a refund for their flights and also to pay for Matthew's medical bills. 

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