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Beautiful Dog Named ‘Chili’ Needs Double Leg Operation

When we heard about ‘Chili’ the dog, we instantly melted…

The ADORABLE 2-year-old pup was abandoned at the animal hospital with two broken legs before she was fostered.

Now, her foster family want to help her get better.

An operation will stop Chili from bunny-hopping around and give her the ability to use her legs to support her again.

She’s a beautiful dog with a beautiful smile that lights up the room and she LOVES being outdoors but currently can’t walk very far.

Around the house she simply drags her back legs behind her.

If she keeps going on the way she’s going, she may risk shoulder complications as a result of resting all of her weight at the front.

Right now, Chili's foster parents are encouraging people to #eatachiliforchili and upload a video of them braving the heat in the name of saving a canine, with the hashtag.

They're re-posting them on their Instagram account, too!

By chipping in a few dollars, you’ll be helping Chili enjoy the life she so deserves.

Donate to Chili the dog’s cause here…

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