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Cheapest Wedding Couple Say Show Turned Big Day Into A Joke

Australia's Cheapest Weddings may only be two episodes in but the reality TV show is already in hot water.

Emma and Steven Dilliway, the Maryborough couple who featured on this week's programme, have launched a scathing attack on the show's producers and editors, calling them out for turning their big day "into a joke".

"I don't want to watch it, but I will," Emma told Fraser Coast Chronicle. "You have got to see for yourself."

The newlyweds have been inundated with cruel and harsh comments ever since the trailer for their episode began airing on Channel 7 last week; the 18-second clip features footage of Emma singing Celine Dion's The Power of Love to her groom during their ceremony, and has attracted tens of thousands of mocking responses.

But Emma and Steven insist that Channel 7 have taken "a tiny bit of the day that just makes [our] wedding look really, really bad" and that the scene has been cut together with other out-of-context pieces.

"Her singing was actually really good, the background music has been edited out," Steven explained in a Facebook post. "It is a couple of scenes put together to give the appearance that myself and her father are in shock when actually we weren't.

"The amount of nasty comments that have been said about my wife is appalling! What Emma did took so much courage and everyone that was at our wedding loved it including myself."

Despite her husband coming to her defence, Emma has been "in tears" since the trailer first aired.

"If they changed that much of a little section of our wedding, I can only imagine how much they have changed for the whole day," she said. 

"I have pretty much been in tears the last few days and I haven't wanted to go outside.

"They turned our special day into a joke."

Featured image via Facebook & L'amour Photography

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