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Australian Mum Admits Causing Her Daughters Death

An Adelaide woman has pleaded guilty to causing the death of her four-year-old daughter.

Kylie Anne Hie, 33, has been charged with an aggravated count of causing death by dangerous driving, after she was driving a van and ran into the back of a truck on a freeway in November 2013.

Hie faced South Australia’s District Court on Wednesday and changed her plea to guilty.

She and her daughter Charlotte were on their way home from a funeral when she crashed her Toyota Hiace van while trying to overtake a 40-tonne truck carrying timber.

The can collided with the truck’s trailer was then hit by a RAV4, which caused the van to become airborne.

Charlotte, who wasn’t strapped into the passenger seat correctly was instantly killed.

The prosecutor in the case Carmen Matteo said motorist had seen Hie driving erratically in the lead up to the crash, and test shows that she had methamphetamine in her system.

This means her driving would have been significantly impaired, and she could have been paranoid and irrational.

Hie has been bailed until she is sentenced on October 12.

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