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Aussie Womans Response To Being Busted By A Cop Is Too Funny

A video showing a woman laughing and cracking jokes after being caught by police for driving without a licence for 23 years is going viral on Facebook with more than 255,000 views in just a couple of days.

The woman was caught on camera for Australian reality TV show Highway Patrol, and her reaction is so hilarious even made the police officer manages to crack a smile.

The woman, who was driving her late husband's car, admitted she had been driving unlicensed for 23 years.

'I'm sorry, I'm stupid,' the woman says before cracking up laughing.

'This is the first time in my entire life you pull me up, you such a good constable,' she said.

The policeman said 'Never have a ticket or to be intercepted by police for any purpose is an amazing, amazing effort, it's not right, but it's an amazing effort,' he said.

The woman was charged $200 for driving unlicensed.

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