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Alex McKinnon Shares Photo When He Stood On His Wedding Day

Is this the most amazing wedding photo you've ever seen?

Former NRL star Alex McKinnon has shared a photo showing the moment he courageously stood next to the love of his life Teigan Power,as they exchanged vows at their wedding last week.

Three years ago Alex tragically broke his neck while he was being tackled, leaving the former Knights star a quadriplegic.

However, during last Sunday’s ceremony the 25-year-old stunned all those in attendance, including his bride.

Teigan has told New Idea, “I was pretty shocked to tell you the truth. I couldn’t believe Alex stood for all that time,”

“It was lovely to be able to look him in the eye, rather than looking down at him in his wheelchair.

“It just made the ceremony that much more intimate. We started crying every time we caught each other’s eye. It was beautiful.”

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