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Airport Worker & Passenger Caught Having Sex In Store

Well that's certainly one way to kickstart your holiday.

An airport worker has been busted engaging in a sexual act with a passenger who had popped into the shop he worked in before her flight.

The employee at the popular bookstore chain engaged the woman - who, it is believed, he knew prior to the incident - in conversation before things got... a little out of hand.

The two were plainly seen by passers-by as the female passenger pleasured the man in his 20s near a magazine rack.

A co-worker at East Midlands Airport said: "It's the talk of the place. What was going on was very obvious. The security guards couldn't believe their eyes.

"It's a tiny store, a few square feet, with a completely open frontage, so anyone walking past could see.

"The only attempt they made to hide was to go in a corner. It's absolutely crazy.

"People are saying he knew the girl... They got chatting over the counter and one thing led to another.

"Either way it's pretty shocking, and not something that should have happened."

Two security guards broke the pair up; the man was immediately suspended pending an investigation, while the girl was allowed to catch her flight.

We will never look at a magazine rack the same way again.

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