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Why This Photo Of An AFL Footy Star Has Sparked Major Debate

They say chivalry is dead. Well, we think we may have just found living proof. 

Over the weekend Collingwood footy star Tyson Goldsack married his long-term sweetheart Chelsea Altman in Chelsea's home town of Adelaide.

Alongside AFL royalty like Dane Swan and Scott PendelburySouth Australian footy star James Aish and his girlfriend Morgan Mitchell were among the list of big name guests. 

It seems chivalry wasn't high on the agenda for Aish, as he arrived with Mitchell at the wedding in Adelaide's rainy weather on Sunday.

The couple were photographed by The Advertiser, at a super awkward moment when James clearly wasn't doing much to keep his partner out of the rain. Made up in a stunning red dress with summery high heels, Morgan was left uncovered and looked more than a little unimpressed.  


(Image: The Advertiser)

James has been met with a wave of criticism on social media, as many argued that chivalry is indeed dead. 


Twitter user Katie B @thimseitak compared Aish to Donald Trump saying ‘Don't want to be like Trump, right?’


Fellow footy player Alex Falsolo was willing to cut Aish some slack, ‘it's pretty funny. Take a breath it's all going to be ok’. 

Another Twitter user, Brad Ralph @BradeWadeRalph chipped in saying 'mrs had dry hair, clearly he had been holding the umbrella over her previously’.

We don't know whether to laugh or groan! Unsurprisingly, James Aish is yet to comment. 

Do you think James Aish's behaviour dampened the mood or was he just snapped at an unfortunate moment? tell us in the comments section below.

Source: The Advertiser

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