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Kids Born With Huge Heads Are More Likely To Succeed

If you’ve ever been teased for having a huge head, fear not, you can finally clap back against your haters.

After years of not being able to wear funky hats or flower crowns, you can rest easy in the thought that people with a larger head are in fact geniuses. Well sort of.

Scientists in the UK studied 10,000 Britons in order to determine that brain volume, head circumference and levels of intelligence are all linked to the size of your noggin.

If you think about it, it makes complete sense. The more head, the more room for more brain…

The data was so specific that scientists could even predict if a child was smart enough to attend Uni, based purely on the findings!

Professor Ian Deary of Edinburgh University said: “In addition to there being shared genetic influences between cognitive skills and some physical and mental health states, the study also found that cognitive skills share genetic influences with brain size, body shape and educational attainments.”

So if you’re wandering about your own child, or now only admitting to the fact that your head is larger than the average punter, cue a sigh of relief.

You is actually smart...


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