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A Gossip Girl Themed Party Is Happening In Sydney

Hey there Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl Here. And I have the biggest news ever.

If you’ve ever wanted to party like one of the Upper East siders or experience the scandalous life of a Manhattan elite, now you can with a Gossip Girl themed party heading to Sydney!

It’s all going down at the Bait Shop on Liverpool street in Sydney and the whole night is designed around the hit show. We’re talking gossip girl visuals so that you can feel like you’re actually part of the Constance and St Judes crowd, throwback music from 2010, and GG themed cocktails!

The list of drinks are inspired by our favourite characters from the show with things like Gossip Juice, Blair Bombs, Espresso Dantinis, Upper East Spritz, Jennyjitos and XOXO Drank all on the menu.

Gossip girl costumes are also encouraged with the best outfit set to win a $50 bar tab to use throughout the night!

It’s all happening Friday 13th April from 9pm and just like any party fit for Blair or Serena it’s exclusive and tickets will need to be purchased online in order to attend.

And of course we’ll be there dishing on all of the juicy gossip that arrises throughout the night.

Until then, you know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl

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