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A DISGUSTING Dress Depicting 9/11 Scene For Sale In London

You’d think in this day and age, people would better be able to understand what’s appropriate - and what’s not.

But for one fashion stall in a London market, it seems that decency has been escaped.

A sickening dress has been found hanging in a stall, depicting a brightly coloured 9/11 scene, in the form of planes flying into the twin towers. There is fire and smoke surrounding the crash.

You have to think, who would make a dress like this, and more importantly, who would purchase it?! Even WEAR it?!

The dress was being sold for five pounds.

Local Sean Gower, 35, said: “It’s very offensive. There were British people killed in the Twin Towers, so something like this should not be on sale here.

“Stuff like that should not be made, let alone put up for sale in Britain.”

According to a report on The Sun, the dress was made in an Indian ­factory before being shipped into the UK. Stall-holder Jaspir Bhatti, 44, handed the polyester gown to The Sun to destroy. One onlooker said: “It’s disgusting.

At first glance it just looks like a bright dress. But when you look closer it shows two jets exploding as they hit the towers — it’s sick.”

The most surprising part of the whole story is indeed the origin of the dress. Bhatti said that there was ‘no way he would sell a dress like that’, saying it was the ‘wrong thing to do’, and ‘terrifying’.

Bhatti believed he had bought the dress as part of a job lot from a wholesaler. But when approached by The Sun, the company proved it had not come from them.


Source: The Sun

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