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Block Contestant Reveals The Major Downside To The Show

They are the most experienced couple on the Block, but baby boomers Dan and Carlene have found that the pressure and stress of tackling their ninth house the most stressful.

The yellow team’s Dan has revealed to Woman day that he lost 14kg during the ten-week process.

The 55-year-old tradie has said the show was very stressful for himself and his wife.

He said ‘When I arrived I weighed 115kg. Now I'm sitting at 101kg - and that's just from physically running around.'

'Once you're on The Block you're here 24 hours a day. You're in a bubble, and you feel guilty if you step away because if you do, you might miss out and things are bound to go wrong,' he disclosed to the publication.

The former Richmond players eldest son, Jacob, has expressed concern over his father's health and dramatic weight loss to the magazine saying ‘’We were a bit worried about his physical state and how that would affect him. It has been full-on, tiring and stressful for Mum and Dad.’

It was recently revealed that Dan and Carlene have moved into separate homes following the renovation show ended, but they say it was pure because of work commitments.

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