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8 Things Men Wish Ladies Knew

Sometimes men can be tough nuts to crack, but never fear ladies!

Some brave men gave an insight into what they wish women would understand about their insecurities and the dating world...

In an article originally posted on Mic, it found that many men felt miscast and prejudged by women.

Thanks to social media, the worst of sexist male behaviour is being exposed: catcalling, online harassment and slut-shaming being only a few.

But there are proud men-feminists who want to get involved in the dialogue, and they offer their perspectives on the stereotypes they're subjected to...

They aren't always thinking about sex

"Women assume men just want to bed them.That isn't true. Much of the time men want to bed women in order to see whether they might enjoy it enough to continue bedding that woman for years to come." — Jake, 29

They like to have platonic lady-friends

"I don't befriend women I just want to have sex with. Male-female friendships are way more nuanced than that. I just want to meet new people and make new friends. They help you gain new experiences, new perspectives, but that's all I want. Nothing more." — Mike, 23

They feel self-conscious too

"Guys care more about their bodies today than they used to. We know girls care about whether we're in shape or not. Some guys think about what they eat or what they're wearing. We need to look good now more than ever." — Patrick, 29

They aren’t always after one specific body type

"There are guys that want every body type, just like there are women who do too. Give us a bit more credit. Different people are attracted to different types of women." — Damien, 26

We don't actually care about your "number."

"Sexually, guys want to know what you want, [not what you did]. Every woman is different, and we want to know what you want." — Ben, 26

Men get nervous around women

"This week I cooked dinner for my wife [and] I was so anxious for my wife's approval. Some of the most nervous I've ever been has been before our dates." — Bill, 26

They don't mind if we try to pay on a date, but need us to know that we don't have to

"I've been on plenty of dates where women offer to pay. You just don't want it to be held against you. In fact, it's great when a girl says, 'We both have jobs' or 'I can't let you pay for all of this, you've already spent so much.'" — Jacob, 24

And most importantly, men are totally down to see superhero movies with female leads

"As long as it's good." — Aaron, 26

To read the full article and know even MORE about what men need women to understand, head to the original article located here

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