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8 Reasons Keira Knightley’s Love Actually Character Sucks

1. She is named after the most tragic Shakespearean heroine EVER.


2. When it came to her wedding dress, she opted for a murdered ostrich. NOT COOL.


3. She’s extremely up herself. Case in point: She actually says, “I look quite pretty, don’t I?”


4. She discovers her husband’s best friend Mark is wanking over her wedding video, and instead of being totally freaked out, she is flattered. Hmm, okay.


5. Then when the same creepy guy asks her to lie to her husband, she agrees.

6. THEN she laughs at his super lame mummy joke.

7. Literally two seconds after she gets married, she commits infidelity and kisses her new husband’s weird, wanking-over-their-wedding-video best friend and we just can’t work out why. Does she love Mark? Does she want to have an affair with him? Or is she just being nice?

8. To top it all off, their kiss is the absolute worst, involving tonnes of face grabbing.


Alarm bells all around, really.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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