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20 Hilarious Tweets About Boobs No Longer Being "In Fashion"

Alright girls, it's official: boobs are no longer in fashion.

No, really. Vogue said so.

In a slightly questionable op-ed in this month's British edition of the style mag, writer Kathleen Baird-Murray pondered where the world's collective chest had gone to; the catwalk and red carpet, she noted, was void of obvious bosoms. 

"The tits will not be out for the lads," Baird-Murray writes. "Or anyone else for that matter."

She reckons it's because the fash pack are sick of having their chests ogled on their internet, so they've started showing their shoulders, stomachs or legs instead.


Cool story, bro.

Obviously, the internet went nuts.

Same, Alice. Same. 


You spend your whole life wishing for them, and now THIS.

It's been a long time coming, tbf

Boobs, please don't go.

Save the boobs.

If we have to get rid of the boobs, so do the boys.

Silver linings for some, though.

Yeah, right?!


Does anyone want mine?


Rebel yell.

No boobs = nowhere to store your cereal bowl.

It's just not going to work, Vogue.

Poor boobs.

When do the new season boobs come in?

Maybe they meant to say BOOTS?


Viva la boob life!

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