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16yo Girl's Perfect Response To A Boy Asking For Nudes

We’ve just found our new hero. 

Meet Reese Hebart, a 16-year-old girl from Houston, who just shut down a sleazy guy who asked her for a nude shot in the most perfect way ever.

Reese told Buzzfeed she was at home about to have a shower when a boy from her school texted her.

On a side note, Reese didn’t even know he had her number… Creepy! 

Anyway, he hinted for her to send him nude pictures… Disgusting! 

Reese, being the strong, independent and sassy girl that she is, had the most amazing response ever, and later screengrabbed it and shared it with the Twitterverse. 

Truly inspirational!

And girls everywhere think so too, and have since posted photos of themselves in similar hats to show their solidarity.

Yay for female empowerment!

The story doesn’t end there, though. Buzzfeed asked Reese how she came to own such a fabulous head adornment, and she had this to say.

“I needed to spend $20 on Amazon Prime now and I was $3 short so I was just looking for something to get and I found the umbrella hat and I thought it was so funny so I got it and I thought I would never use it,” she said. 

It was definitely fate!

As for the guy? We’re guessing her hasn’t asked Reese for any more nudes since…

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