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11 Times Elaine Benes Spoke For Us All

Elaine Benes was undoubtedly one of the most outspoken members of the Seinfeld gang and that’s exactly why we all love her so much. Confident but often hysterical, Elaine had a knack for articulating what SO many of us were thinking. Now for the very first time in Australia, every single episode of Seinfeld is now streaming only on Stan. To celebrate , we give you our favourite Elaine moments, when she spoke for literally ALL of us…

When she gave the most logical reason to end a relationship

elaine benes quotes

Pie is life.

When she redefined the sick day 

elaine benes quotes

When she spoke for hipsters everywhere

elaine benes quotes

And at the same time, articulated the inner thoughts of all non-hipsters

elaine benes quotes

When she summarised parenthood

elaine benes quotes

…just as someone who is not a parent would.

When she so accurately described heterosexuality for women everywhere

elaine benes

Same, Elaine. Same.

When she compared men to Jeeps  

Elaine benes quotes

… and somehow it made SO much sense.

When she was all of us trying to end a conversation we don’t want to be having

elaine benes quotes

Zero f*cks given.

When she had this spirit animal moment

elaine benes quotes

Why is this not an actual thing?

When she spoke the words every confused dater has thought after a failed Tinder dateelaine benes quotes

And when she uttered our life motto…

elaine benes quotes

Amen sister friend.

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