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102 Year Old Granny Gets Arrested To Tick Off Bucket List

People have all sorts of things they want to try or achieve before they pass on.

What's become known as the 'bucket list' has gained in popularity over the years as people try out things they've always wanted to do but never had the nerve to.

Some experiences are more extreme such as giving sky diving or ab-sailing a try, but this little old granny takes the cake!

102 year old Edie Simms has achieved a lot in her lifetime, but realized there was one thing she wanted to experience more than anything else - being arrested! 


So the friendly Police Officers in her hometown in St Louis arranged for her to be picked up from her nursing home and put in the back of a police squad car, they even put her in handcuffs!

“We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do,” St. Louis Police Sgt. John McLaughlin told the station.


While Edie was in the back of the cop car, one officer recalled her passing him by: “Edie held her hands up to show that she had the handcuffs on! She’s just such a neat lady.”

Edie has dedicated a great deal of her life to community service and recently stitched and sewed over 400 handmade items for her fellow guests at the Five Star Senior Center.

“It's a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it,” says Simms.

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