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Former MKR Contestant Comes Out As Gay

Former 'My Kitchen Rules' contestant of the 2013 series, Luke Hines, has come as gay. The popular foodie has been cooking up a romance says New Idea Magazine. 


Luke is a bondi surf lifesaver, competitive swimmer, personal trainer and has a love of nutritious food. 

Luke and his best mate Scott Gooding impressed the judges Pete Evans and Manu Fidel as well as fellow contestants and the viewing public with their nutritious and delicious creations. The two have now published their first book 'Luke & Scott: Clean Living' which focuses on a clean, healthy, balanced diet.



They have said, "We believe in a long-term, holistic lifestyle of health. We don’t think eating well should be complicated. It’s simply a matter of being educated to make choices that taste good and are better for you. Scott and I have a shared knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle, an interest in experimenting with fresh ingredients to create delicious recipes and a real excitement for taking our passion to the public.”


Now, having achieved so much in his career, it seems Luke is taking the time to focus on his personal life.

In an exclusive interview with the australian magazine, Luke has said of his new relationship "We've been through a lot together in just six months... we we're very sure of our feelings."  

We couldn't be happier for you Luke and can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future! 

Source: Facebook

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