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Your First Look At Riverdale Season Three In New Trailer

Praise the Comic-Con Gods, they have just premiered the first official trailer for Riverdale Season Three during the 2018 Comic-Con panel on Sunday and it looks like we’re heading to one messed up Summer in the town of Riverdale.

But first we pick up where we left off, with a recap of where all of our slightly messed up teens are at, at the end of season two. Veronica is trying to fight back against her power-hungry parents, Jughead is struggling with the chaos that has taken over the Serpents while Cheryl has just earned her snake skin (i.e her serpent’s jacket).

Betty and her mother are coming to terms with the fact that Hal Cooper was the murderous Black Hood and let’s not forget that Archie Andrews has been arrested for a murder that he most certainly didn’t commit.

The trailer for Season three then takes a time jump to a time where our main character Archikins has been released from custody after a trial.

KJ Apa, who plays the deliriously good looking Archie Andrews has said that the third season of the murder mystery series will show his character’s trial, but we’ll also see a lot of action with him and the rest of the gang, Veronica, Betty and Jughead.

“After the worst summer ever, I want us to have a normal Labor Day weekend,” says Archie to his friends in the trailer.

But is anything in Riverdale ever really normal? Of course not! At the end of the trailer a new mystery is unveiled and let’s just say it makes the Black Hood look like child’s play. Is that some sort of cult that we see Mrs Cooper?

Watch the intriguing new trailer in the video above! And get ready to wish for time to speed up because we’re going to be waiting until October 10 for Riverdale Season Three to premiere. We're counting down the days already!

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