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Married At First Sight Is In HUGE Trouble

Married At First Sight may be Australia’s most popular TV show having revamped its format.

But, according to the Daily Telegraph, competing networks have alleged that Nine has ‘cherry picked’ concepts from other popular shows such as My Kitchen Rules, The Bachelor and Big Brother in an effort to overhaul the show.

'There are parts which are so The Bachelor, or MKR, and even going back to Big Brother,' they added.

Channel Nine’s head of content, development and production Adrian Swift, however, has said 'Married has become a phenomenon. It is working on broadcast, on social and on catch up. It has broken every record.'

The similarities for My Kitchen Rules are allegedly about the ‘dunner parties’ which all contestants must attend, Channel 7 believes these are very similar to MKR’s ‘instant restaurant’ format.

Making the opponents live together,' has been compared to The Bachelor and throwback hit Big Brother, while having contestants use tribal council-style elimination cards to vote off rivals is reportedly 'mimicking the Survivor elimination episodes'. 

Married At First Sight continues on Channel 9 on Sunday.

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