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Young Journalist Covering Beauty Pageant Ends Up WINNING!

As journalists, one of the cool things about our job is getting the opportunity to jet off and cover some pretty awesome events. 

But partaking in the events themselves is pretty much unheard of!

That is until one reporter for the Grimsby Telegraph, Laura Gooderham, was attending a beauty pageant for what was supposed to be a casual day of reporting on the event, when things took a very unusual turn!

Apparently Gooderham was just casually doing her thing, taking notes and photos of the competition, when she was 'discovered' as they say by, Millie Margetts, who is the reigning queen of the local beauty contest.

Margetts must have seen potential in the reporter as she approached Gooderham and asked her why she wasn't taking part in the beauty pageant herself.

It took some convincing to get Laura to agree to enter, but after learning that the contest was raising money for charity organisations alongside Beauty With A Purpose, she warmed to the idea.

@zimminihair ❤️

A post shared by Laura Louise Gooderham (@lauralougooderham) on

If becoming a late entrant in the competition wasn't enough of a fluke, the journalist then went on to actually WIN the competition and will now take part in the next stage of the competition, the Miss England pageant.

Taking my first step onto the catwalk as Miss Great Grimsby and District 2017 👑 @missgreatgrimsby2017 @milliemargetts

A post shared by Laura Louise Gooderham (@lauralougooderham) on

Margetts says that Laura was the perfect candidate for Miss England because she is the "likeable girl-next-door".

And Gooderham could not be more chuffed by her surprising win, telling the Grimsby Telegraph, "I'm nervous and excited and it's going to be for me a once-in-a-lifetime thing".

Tough day in the office am I right?

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