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You'll Never Believe What Doctors REMOVED From A Lady's Head

We hope you have a strong stomach!

A woman in India had a live cockroach removed from her nose. She had recently woken up with an odd tingling sensation in her nostril.

It turns out that the cockroach had set up shop in her skull, pretty close to her brain. And, just so you can picture it, the woman was squirming when Doctors performed the retraction.

Dr. M N Shakar, head of ENT at Stanley Medical College Hospital in Chennai, India, told the Times of India about the process.

“It was alive. And it didn’t seem to want to come out,”

It took 45 minutes for the cockroach to be removed. It turns out that removing the insect using suction did not work, so, forceps were needed.

Oh, and yep - there's a video of the whole thing.

Doctors said that the woman was lucky that cockroach was still alive, as if it had died then it could have become infected and really cause some damage to her brain.

The woman, Selvi, went to sleep the night before the roach problem unfolded completely fine, but was woken at midnight with extreme pain. When the pain got worse, she went to hospital, convinced that something was crawling in her nose.

“Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes,” she said.

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