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You'll Never Guess How Much Weight IAC People Have Lost!

The I’m A Celebrity campers have apparently already lost 85 kilos, combined, after just three weeks in the jungle.

The Daily Telegraph has reported the staggering weight drop means the celebrities have already lost seven percent of their total body weight.

However, the show's medics have insisted that there is nothing to be worried about regarding the weight loss or their diets.

Their daily portions mean they are eating just 800 calories and have a strict diet of 50 grammes of brown rice, 50 grammes of beans, 25 grammes of oats and 200 grammes of vegetables.

The I’m A Celebrity medic told the newspaper that he wasn’t surprised by the weight loss, which had dropped from a combined total of 1111.7 kilos to 1025.9 kilos.

'It is a pretty hectic diet and a hectic lifestyle in there so this result is not unexpected, and it is nothing to be worried about,' he said.

Dr Jansen van Rensburg said the larger celebrities would have been the ones to lose the most weight so far.

 'In the middle, you start losing your fat first, which is why we’ve seen the ones who had more to lose are losing the most,' he said.

'With the smaller girls that went in, they would start breaking down muscles to use as protein.'

Steve Price told that he was as ready to lose weight when he went into the jungle, saying 'They are paying me to lose 15 kilos, how do you get a job like that, someone gives you money to lose weight and get healthier,' he said. 

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Ten.

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