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You Will Actually NEVER Guess Which Aussie Actor This Is…

There are very few actors that could play multiple characters in one movie WELL. Mike Myers is one, Eddie Murphy is another, most recently James McAvoy killed it in SPLIT, but now, Aussie Actress Cate Blanchett can add the skill to her very long repertoire.

In her new movie ‘Manifesto’, which is being released in the U.S. this month, Blanchett skilfully plays a total of 13 characters; from chic newsreader, to homeless MAN.

In one image from the film where she’s the homeless man, Blanchett wears a fake grey beard and has long, bushy, dark hair - as well as fake teeth and prosthetics.

The movie is bizarre and artistic, and well worth checking out.

The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23.

We can’t WAIT to see it!

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