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You’ll Never GUESS Who Keira Is Crushing On In The Jungle...

If you’ve been watching ‘I’m A Celeb… Get Me Out Of Here’, you’ll know that Keira has had a bit of a tough time on the show.

She’s been lumped with the responsibility of numerous tucker trials other challenges - and hasn’t dealt with the pressure very well.

In fact, she’s been heard complaining that she’d ‘never get a boyfriend again’.

But, it seems she hasn’t give up on love all together!

It looks as though Keira has set her sights on the show’s host, Dr. Chris Brown.

During a Tucker Trial on Tuesday night, Keira was scared what would happen to her if she choked.

'That's really chewy. What if I choke on it?' the petrified reality TV star questioned.

'Mouth to mouth,' Dr. Brown said, bringing a smile to Keira's face. 'Ooooh! Doctor standing by! Naughty flirter!' Julia quipped, before giving her co-host a wry smile.

It was after the trial back at camp however, that Keira addressed the situation. 'Chris Brown, always... flirts with me.


Like joking, but it kind of gets me through the challenges,' the blonde former Bachelor contestant said.

After being questioned by his co-host Julia as to whether there may be love brewing in the jungle, he gently let down his not-so-secret admirer.

'Julia, as lovely as Keira is, and she is, I'm simply afraid she's not my type,' he said.

'I prefer short hair, well groomed, strong teeth, no fleas preferably, house-trained definitely and for safety's sake, spayed is always good.'


Source: Daily Mail

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