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Worst Date In Bachelorette History!?

Georgia Love can't seem to get enough of industrial designer Courtney Dober. His homemade pasta bracelet appeared to win over the 27-year-old, earning him the first impression rose. 

The fact she ditched sleaze bag Carlos (YES!), who we all remember presented her with a beautiful Tiffany's bracelet, showed just how highly she treasured the thoughtful gift. 

With his rose came the power of the golden date card and the responsibility to organise a date with the former face of Win News Hobart. We were all expecting big things, but were left bitterly disappointed with tonight's efforts.

We could excuse the former childcare worker of picking Georgia up in a combi van, in fact, it was actually kind of cute, but we have to draw the line at water sports in the freezing cold. 

Source: Network Ten

A quick public service announcement to all men - no woman wants to be thrown in cold water, strapped to a boat and told to jump on a surf board on first date. While Georgia took it like a trooper, we're not sure many other women would. 

Source: Network Ten

Unlike the American series, where the Bachelorette is whisked away to hair and makeup before the next part of the date, poor Georgia was left sitting with wet hair.

Just when Courtney seemed to be redeeming himself with with wine and nibbles, he spoiled it all by pulling out pirate costumers for the pair to dress up in... what was he thinking!?  

To make matters worse, he appeared to snub Georgia's blatant signs of wanting a kiss, opting for a hug. Although it might be most woman's nightmare date, it seems to be working for Courtney! Georgia appears more smitten than ever! Let's just hope his next is a little more thoughtful. 

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