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Will Manu’s Scathing Attack On Josh Cost Him His Marriage

Is Josh, the My Kitchen Rules villain about to get a taste of his own medicine?

Never one to hold back from speaking his mind, he’s torn apart his fellow contestants one by one.

He was slammed for calling fellow contestant Amy a sl*t.

But the tables just turned – and it is Manu taking aim at the self-professed "seafood king”.

“It’s not even funny anymore,” Manu says in the promo for the explosive Easter Monday show.

“You’ve got a big voice and you’re not scared to say what you think – well I’ve got to do the same with you.

“If you were sitting here tonight you would take this apart!”

Manu's comments obviously rustled a few feathers and Josh’s normal confident bravado is replaced with anger and frustration – which he takes out on his wife, Amy Meeuwissen.

“We’ll get divorced after this,” Josh snaps when back in the kitchen, away from prying eyes and ears.

However when Amy’s reaction is to walk off the show set and retreat into the street Josh’s mood switches up pretty quickly.

“Babe, we can make it work trust me,” he coyly asks.

“What do you want to do? Pull out?”

We know that Josh jumped on a plane overseas recently to escape the country, could this have been the reason why? 

Things are set to heat up to boiling point in the next episode of My Kitchen Rules, airing on Channel 7 on Easter Monday. 

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