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Why We Never Want Nazeem To Do A Tucker Trial Again

When you head into the jungle, you are bound to face a number of challenging trials. Whether that be eating or otherwise.

In this case, Nazeem and Tom had the choice of either eating or wearing the disgusting animal parts.

Normally we revel in the squeals, gross looks and squeamish celebs… But there’s one thing that became abundantly clear when Nazeem was in the seat.

Seconds into the challenge he began to dry retch…

While Tom agreed to ‘eat’ everything in front of him, the comedian decided to ‘wear’ it all. 

For viewers it meant an ongoing stretch trying to not gag over our own dinners.

Anyone else seriously struggle to watch (and hear!!!!) ongoing dry retching for half an hour!?

Or is it really just us?

In the end, however, Nazeem was covered in chicken intestines, elephant dung, blended fish guts topped with an octopus headdress, fermented cow's blood and molasses and maggots. 

In saying that... yeah we wouldn't have coped any better. 

We did love his quick wit after being covered with fermented cow's blood...

"This is what I would look like if I was just born," Nazeem said. 

Of course with the last course he decided to eat the 'jungle eggnog'...

And despite Tom Arnold's encouragement, he only kept it down for a few seconds. 

Tom Arnold did get to wear a mixture of Ostrich egg, feathers and other matter. 

At least the pair left the camp with 12 stars. 

The gagging however continued well back into the jungle... Only for Kasey to join in. 


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