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Why Serena Williams Used A Baby Body Double In Gatorade Ad

Serena Williams stuns in a recent TV commercial for Gatorade aptly labelled 'Sisters in Sweat'. 

The ad shows the new mum comforting a baby and giving her advice about life, sport and the sisterhood. 

But if you thought the baby in the ad was in fact her three month old daughter Alexis, you are sorely mistaken. 

The poor newborn was struck down with an illness before shooting the ad and a body double had to be used. 

Poor little thing!

Those maternal instincts must be high, however, because Serena looks completely at home with a baby in her arms. 

Even without Alexis making her first screen debut, the ad is pretty brilliant. 

Whether the bub is a future tennis protege like her mum and aunt, or warms the benches in school sport, she'll definitely have a wonderful supporter in her mum. 

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