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Why Emma Roberts Has Never Looked Better In Her Entire Life

We all know that celebs have access to the biggest and the best hair and make-up artists in the entire world, but still, often the red caret flops remind us that miracles can’t always be pulled off.

However, when I clapped eyes on Emma Roberts as she graced the red carpet of the 89th annual Academy Awards, my jaw legit dropped.


She is rocking probably the most perfect crop of hair I have ever seen.

She’s sporting a hair hue that even the most magical of fairies only dream of. Something Ariel could only bargain for during an incredibly risky trade with Ursula.

It’s THAT good.


The perfect golden ginger hue, it’s almost mesmerising, and teamed with a punchy red lip and lace black frock, well, it’s doing things to the men around the office.

Let’s just leave it at that.

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