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Childish Gambino's Latest Music Video Has The World Talking

The political landscape in America is littered with fears over gun control, the Black Lives Matter movement, terror and fear.

And celebrities are taking a stand. 

The latest is rapper Childish Gambino, who just blew us out of the water with his creative genius in his latest music video for the aptly titled "This Is America". 

We're talking Taylor Swift level symbolism and detail - but with a much more politically charged message.

At first look it's easy to be distracted by a shirtless Gambino (aka Donald Glover, you may remember him as Troy Barnes in Community) seemingly dancing around relatively unaware of the commotion behind him. 

But look closely. It's as much a statement on the current state of America and its willingness to turn a blind eye, as it is a piece of artistry. 

As [black] bodies are dragged away, guns are placed carefully on silk sheets, held seemingly in higher regard than those lives lost. 

People are seen filming the commotion on their phones but not getting involved. 

The choral influences in both song and in one of the more confronting sequences in the film clip a nod to the Charleston massacre. 

The children looking up to Gambino throughout, mimicking his moves, ignoring the commotion that is everywhere around them until they are forced to clean up the mess. 

Even the setting of a mainly white warehouse with white pillars as the 'foundation'.

Gambino switching so quickly between handling a gun, and then reverting back to his mindless state says it all. 

It seems fans are loving the politically charged message from Gambino, with the video amassing 10 million views in the first 24 hours. 

Long-time collaborator Hiro Murai directed the piece, while it was choreographed by Sherrie Silver. 

You can watch the video in full below. 

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