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Why Caitlyn Jenner Has Been BANNED From Appearing On Ellen

Recently, Caitlyn Jenner published a memoir of her life, titled, ‘The Secrets Of My Life’; a few of those secrets upset a lot of people, including Ellen Degeneres.

The book covers an interview that Ellen and Caitlyn had in 2015, where Caitlyn says Ellen ‘twisted her words’ about gay marriage.

The conversation covered whether Caitlyn’s thoughts on gay marriage had changed since she had transitioned.

According to the book, Caitlyn wasn’t represented as she wanted to be, and it looks as though she blames Ellen for it.

Ellen has responded by BANNING Caitlyn from her show.

Harsh or WHAT?!

Reportedly, Caitlyn doesn’t care - allegedly happy to ever appear on the show again.


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