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Who Leaked The Amber Sherlock Video?

Media circles have been buzzing since a video was leaked yesterday showing Nine News Now host Amber Sherlock berating fellow journalist Julie Snook for wearing a similar coloured white top to her.

The exchange happened off-air prior to the two broadcasting a live chat with psychologist Sandy Rae, who also happened to be wearing a white top.

Sherlock looked far from impressed as she passive aggressively told Snook several times that she had asked her "two and a half hours ago"  to wear a jacket or change her top prior to the broadcast.

To say things got awkward between the two work colleagues while there guest in a separate studio was visible squirming in her chair.

Watch the whole awkward exchange here.

Heard has now been quoted in a statement that:

"News is a fast moving environment and sometimes these things happen."

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So while the two claim they are still friends, the question now has to be asked, who leaked this private conversation in the first place, and what did they hope to gain from it?

TV newsrooms are a notoriously tough working environment with ego and ambition leading to countless stories of backstabbing and fighting between colleagues.

The most recent example to make headlines was the spat between Samantha Armytage and Chris Bath who reportedly couldn't stand to be in the same room together, resulting in producers coordinating their movements in the Channel 7 building so the two would avoid crossing paths.

Armytage even reportedly refereed to her nemesis as 'Bath Vader'

Access to off-air vision from the newsroom is reportedly fairly secure, so no doubt Channel 9 bosses will have little trouble in hunting down the culprit.

When they've discovered the person(s) responsible, it's fair to say the plot to this saga will only thicken and recriminations could be severe.


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