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What Was REALLY Behind Rob Leaking Kylie’s Number On Twitter

Yesterday, there was a BIG issue on social media involving the Kardashians.

Rob decided to leak Kylie Jenner’s number on Twitter following news that his family were throwing him a baby shower (how dare they?) without inviting Chyna.

The reason he may have got that wrong is because he and Chyna haven’t actually spoken in three weeks, after endless fighting.

The Kardashian/Jenners were aware of this and were actually throwing two showers; one for Rob and one for Chyna to try and keep the peace while they sort out their issues.

Chyna was reportedly aware of the two showers - and cool with it - but when Rob heard Chyna wasn’t coming to the baby shower his sisters were organising for him, he flipped.

He tweeted out Kylie’s phone number to his 6.67M followers.

Even though they reportedly haven’t got back together, Rob still wants the mother of his children to be respected.

Source: Hollywood Life

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