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What Bec Judd Wished She Knew Before She Got Pregnant

After going through three pregnancies to become the mother of four beautiful babies, Bec Judd is pretty well versed in the stages of pregnancy. 

But there are a few things she wished she had known before she started to grow a baby in her belly. 

And we think there would be a number of women out there who are pregnant or thinking about starting a family in the future that could benefit from her wisdom. 

Bec co-hosts a new podcast, "Hello Bump", alongside Monique Bowley and she revealed some home truths about being 'with child' in its first episode. 

Firstly, when to get pregnant. 

There are a few points to this. 

While Bec's first pregnancy was a surprise even to her, on reflection she realises she was ready. 

Engaged and about to be wed to then football star Chris Judd, the couple were in love and happy. 

Females may be physically capable of falling pregnant from an early age but Bec said it was incredibly important to be stable and financially competent when bringing a new life into the world. 

That said, can you ever be 100% ready for the huge life change that is parenting?

"Don't wait too long. If you're kinda thinking maybe you're ready, just do it!," Bec said.

She stresses the point that it's good to do research... but make sure you disseminate the information that you hear and read. 

I've been pregnant a lot in the last 6 years so I know HEAPS about growing and pushing out babies! Today our Hello Bump podcast launches on the @mamamiaaus podcast network, hosted by @moniquebowley and myself. We talk you through conception, every month of pregnancy and the first six weeks post birth. It is heartbreaking, hilarious and a little bit gross (ok I fib, it's actually really gross). I am a chronic over sharer and cannot lie for the life of me, so if you want to know what really happens in pregnancy and birth, be sure to subscribe to the Hello Bump podcast. Link in my profile. Ps. Clockwise from left: twins at 35 weeks, half an hour before they were delivered; Billie at 38.3 weeks the night before I was induced; Oscar at 36 weeks (I went into labour with him at 39 weeks to the day).

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She also addresses one of our biggest curiosities, those mummy forums and blogs and the trolls that go alongside it!

"The books are great, but they're confusing," Bec Judd said.

"The Internet and those forums are confusing... Don't Google!

"Forums are good, but they can be a bit scary."

Apparently the movies have set us all up for a shock when the waters break - Bec confirmed that it's nothing at all like what happens in film and TV. 

"It's just oozing and oozing and oozing," said Bec.

"It's gross! No-one told me that, so now I'm telling you"

Hot chockies in a take away cup so they look like mum and dad's coffees- #melbkids

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Finally, she wants parents to prepare themselves for the life change.

It doesn't just end after pregnancy. Especially when breast feeding!

"There are so many restrictions [to being pregnant], and in your head, you're thinking like 'nine to ten months of this and then I'm free'," she said.

"But you're actually not free because then breastfeeding starts and you still can't do the things you couldn't do when you were pregnant.

"So, for however long you breastfeed for, whether that's six months or one year and for some people two years, that's another two years of being held captive by the parasite."

"Tt's a leech, it's a parasite!

"The adorable parasite, that we love."  

Hello Bump is set to be a 12 episode series that covers topics from fertility and conception through to the first six weeks of parenthood. 

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