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We've Just Fallen In Love With Rebel Wilson's "Sexy" New Man

When Rebel Wilson shared on Instagram a photo of her and her “sexy date” for the MTV Movie Awards, our interest was instantly piqued.

Who was this man that glowed so pink?

Well we’ve done some internet digging and here’s what we’ve learned about Aden Stay.

#1: He’s gracious and obviously in love

We’re not stretching, just read this Instagram post!

#2: He’s starred in some MASSIVE movies

As a stuntman, Aden’s starred in the likes of Lost, Battleship, Sons of Anarchy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Terminator Genisys and more.

#3: He’s tall. Like REAL tall.

Just how tall you ask? Why 6 feet 4 inches – aka 193cm.


#4: He’s smitten with his two little girls

To be honest, so are we.

#5: He wears some mean makeup

Stuntman style of course!

#6: He has some impressive skills

We’ll take the dancing, martial arts and an Irish accent please!


We can only imagine the conversations that happened between these two!

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