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We Sent A Tweet This Morning That Caused Gaga Fans To FREAK!

This morning we sent a tweet letting people know that new Lady Gaga music would be dropping this week. The ‘likes’ and ‘re-tweets’ were INSANE. We then realised, there was even more to it than first expected.

Gaga fans, or ‘Little Monsters’ are SO DESPERATE to hear this new music already, and the more devoted fans were HELL BENT on making sure the radio stations were onto it - so they devised a plan on to make sure it seemed like the general public liked it and it got adequate play time.


The post reads: “You better be ready to request the song via Twitter.”

“If you have a stan twitter don’t request using it. Radio hosts hate homosexuals and stan twitters, it’s a fact. Make an account with a soccer mom selfie avatar, make your username something like ‘ilovemykids123’ and write a bio about how you have three kids and a husband.”

“Then write a tweet like ‘@RadioStation ahah my kids luv this new GaGa song!!! driving me mad on my way to work!! play it please’.” “Trick the radio hosts into thinking the GP [general population] loves it.”

“If you have qualms about using someone’s picture and ‘impersonating’ them on twitter, use a stock photo of a middle-aged woman/man.

This way it’s completely legal and you can’t get in trouble for it but you will be helping radio DJ’s all over the world think that the GP is actually living for the song, therefore playing it more often.” The same message was then posted to other forums around the web.


And then… mayhem!


Gaga fans seem to believe that radio station workers do not care for them or their requests when it comes to hearing music, and believe that by posing as mothers online their requests will be taken more seriously.

These “soccer mum” accounts have all been created and are sharing stories about their families and how much they love Gaga and then HAVE to hear the new music!

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