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We Now Know Who Next Year’s Oscars Host Is!

When Oscars season comes around, everyone seems to get very excited about it.

It’s a buzz that the other awards shows just don’t attract, and everyone is vying for their work to finally be validated, in the form of an Oscar.

Last year all eyes were on Leonardo DiCaprio, as we rooted for him to finally win his first Oscar award. I KNOW, how had he not won before, we all wondered?

But finally, Leo got to grace the stage and accept his award, it was beautiful, and Kate Winslet wept.

This year, we’re expecting the same emotional journey, or to just laugh our asses off - which may be a reality, as comedian Jimmy Kimmel is hosting!

Yep, the 2017 89th annual Academy Awards will be hosted by Kimmel, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It seems to be correct info.

Like Leo last year, this is Kimmel’s first hosting gig at the Oscars, having previously smashed it hosting the Emmys twice before. Buuuuut, it’s important to note, while he received positive reviews for hosting this year’s Emmys, ratings fell to their lowest point yet.


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