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We NEED To Talk About This Dodgy Part Of Kim's CCTV Footage

Earlier this morning, footage from INSIDE Kim Kardashian's Parisian apartment, just moments after she was held at gunpoint, dropped on the internet.

Police are on the hunt for whoever it was that took the seriously creepy video, and it's safe to say it makes for pretty chilling viewing; you can clearly see Kim huddled on the sofa, wrapped in a thick blanket, while the unknown videographer wanders freely about the house.

But there's one thing that's been highlighted in the clip that we CAN'T stop thinking about - and it's raising more questions than answers.

Toward the end of three-and-a-half minute video, Radar Online have flagged Kim's assistant wearing what they're claiming looks like a lapel microphone, attached to the bottom of her dress.

So... why?

If they had been filming Keeping Up - which is the only reason we can think of that she'd be mic'd up - surely more camera and crew would have been in the apartment during the robbery?

And, considering the family are adamant they weren't filming at the time, this one seems highly unlikely.

The other possibility is that Kim's assistant wears a headset; she was probably flat out making calls, too, to family, friends, police, lawyers - you name it, Kim's assistant would have been desperately trying to put out fires.

We're leaning more towards the latter, to be honest.


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