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We Have The Goss On One Of Matty J’s First Bachelorettes

With Martty J confirmed as the new Bachelor, attention has turned to the latest crop of lucky hopefuls eager to steal the 29-year-old’s heart.

The Daily Mail has revealed Melbourne university student and model Leah Costa is set to join the cast. The 24-year-old studies construction management and architecture at uni and according to her Instagram is fond of travelling and animals.

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She appears to fit the Bachelor producer’s criteria to a tee, having competed in several swimsuit pageants. Refreshingly, her Instagram account, which is still set to public is unlike most former contestants. The usual contrived selfies, gym shots and bikini shots are now where to be seen. Instead her feed is full of travel pictures, cute animals and friends... how refreshing. Matty J may have a keeper here.  

Leah's stalking research skills appear to be on point too. The uni student A quick search reveals she’s already following Matty and Georgia Love on Instagram. Who can blame her, afterall Matty’s Insta feed is literally just pics of him topless with cute puppies and his adorable nephew. It would be a crime not to follow!

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