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We FINALLY Know Who P*ssed in Jarrod’s Pot Plant

If you’ve been watching the Bachelorette, you’ll know what this whole 'Plantgate' is about.

Basically, someone urinated in Jarrod Woodgate's pot plant and this week, Woman’s Day revealed the identity of who was behind the act.

According to the mag, an insider said that Bachelorette 'villain' and reject Ryan Jones was the one responsible for the deed and claimed that he just couldn't help himself.

'It was hilarious,' an insider told the publication, 'He couldn't resist winding Jarrod up.'
Labelled a 'stage-five clinger' by fans of the show, Jarrod has been on the warpath in recent episodes as he desperately tried to find out who sabotaged his greenery.

The drama began in an earlier episode of the show, in which Jarrod and Sophie planted seeds in a pot plant.

The contestant has maintained the seeds were planted in a 'circle of love,' but began to suspect another cast member urinated in the dish after they failed to sprout.

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