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We Are Pretty Sure We Know Which Couple Will Split On MAFS

Tonight was the night Married at First Sight fans have been waiting for.

The showdown about what Andrew said about Cheryl on Sunday night’s episode.

After Cheryl found out that Andrew has commented on her saying he would have preferred to be back with runaway bride Lauren, Sean confronted Andrew all about it..

In what was so awkward and confronting for Cheryl, she jumped away with Susan and Sean to chat about it, when she said ‘’it's just a joke. And I'm not one to play victim, but for him to do that in front of my face, it makes me question everything.

Before she said ‘there was not even one apology. For Andrew to lie to my face and to not get an apology , I definitely don’t feel like Andrew and I will resolve anything’’

It’s pretty amazing that when it was said ‘’OK, maybe Sean's extra sensitive to this sort of banter talk and maybe Cheryl does deserve an apology…’’

Andrew said ‘’hell no,'' before he somehow managed to persuade people that the conversation was said in a moment which should be left between boys.

The experts did sum this up pretty well, saying the couples MUST ‘’stick together as one or just leave,’ which means it is likely we will see them break up on Sunday..

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