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We Are Pretty Sure This Is The MAFS Pregnancy Couple!

They are the couple that has clicked the most on this season of Married At First Sight.

And it looks like, despite the long distance between them, Susan and Sean are already talking babies.

In an interview with OK magazine, mining truck driver Susan revealed 'I think it would be nice.'

'We agreed that if it were with the right person, we'd be open to talking about it,' Susan added.

'I never wanted kids my whole life until about a year I think it would be nice.'

And despite viewers seeing her struggle at Sean’s farm, she think she can get used it by ‘changing a few things,'

Susan's comments come after she gushed to NW magazine last month, about the steamy chemistry between herself and the cowboy.

'I absolutely love being intimate with someone I love. I absolutely need a fantastic,

comfortable, close sexual connection with my partner,' she explained. 

'I love giving all of myself and being intimate with someone I trust.'

We can’t wait to see how they go!

Married at First Sight continues on Sunday on Channel 9.

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