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We Are Pretty Sure This Gogglebox Moment Is The Best Ever

Every episode of Gogglebox will make you laugh, cry and probably be the TV highlight of your week.

But this week, potentially the best moment in the history of the show happened, and we couldn’t love it anymore.

All your favourite Googleboxers were watching food and trove program Gok’s Chinese Takeaway when it started to make Zina and Vivian a laugh of acknowledgement.

The reason? A restauranteur in Spain told God that non-Asian diners were afraid to order anything too exotic from the menu.

To which the Asian Goggleboxers replied “Whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant, and we see a table that isn't Asian eating food, we always say: ‘Fried rice! Spring rolls! Lemon chicken! Steak and black bean!’” they cackled, listing off the usual go-to’s in the restaurant.

Other in another household, Lee and Keith were watching the same show while discussing their Chinese favourites.

“What do we normally get?” asked Lee.

“You like special fried rice. You like your spring rolls. Lemon chicken. We get the black bean sauce thing. That’s all we get really, isn’t it?” said Keith.

“Yeah,” said Lee. “And it’s beautiful.”

Never change, Googlebox. Never change.

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